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5 Ways To Give Off Good Vibes

Before we start, we need to first understand why being positive is important.

Part of being positive is having the pleasure of people enjoying your company. No one wants to be that person people do not like to be around. When someone has negative energy, their bad energy can transmit onto you and the same goes with being positive. Nobody likes a wet blanket!

Being positive is sending out good energy, vibes and attracting great things. It's not all about being nice either. You have to think good thoughts, always.

These Are 5 Simple Acts of Positivity:

1. Smile

I can’t stress how powerful and contagious smiling is (Even more so than a yawn they said).

It’s as easy as a smile to bring someone’s mood up throughout the day and yet we’re still being frugal about it. Let’s start being more generous with our smile.

2. Say hello to strangers

“Good morning! How are you?” Whatever pleasantry you prefer. Just greet strangers or people you passed by everyday (some you’ve known by face but never really notice). Some may ignore you, and that’s ok. But most won’t. Maybe that’ll kindle some new conversations!

3. Yield in a traffic


I know it’s hard doing this, since we’re always in a hurry and driving tends to bring out the worst in all of us. Why not slow down for once and be courteous, even when other people aren’t. You could spark a movement.

4. Give compliment

Be Genuine and give heartfelt compliments. Either to strangers, coworkers or even your family members! Find their best quality and let them know, surely it will boost their confidence and help make their day.

5. Express gratitude

Saying "Thank you" and showing gratitude goes a long way in setting a positive tone. Sometimes we all fall into the bad habit of taking people for granted (or at least taking their kindness or generosity for granted). When you take someone or something for granted, you don’t recognize or show appreciation for its true value. It’s not just about the words, being grateful can actually improve your mood, your attitude, and even your life!

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