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7 Harry Potter Wizarding World Inspired Home Decorations (Printables)

Halloween is almost here! As fun as it is to dress up in costumes, decorating your space for this season can also be as exciting!

Today we will be sharing a compilation of harry potter inspired printables we found online. Feel free to print and use them as decorations. Showcase your magical space on social media and do not forget to tag us! We would love to see your twist and take on these printables. Enjoy!

1. Welcome Sign

Print and cut it down to paste it on your front door as a cute welcome signage for the other wizards!

2. Hogwarts Letterhead/ Stationery.

Use the font Trattatello for a more authentic look! (Click here to download free font)

3. Hogwarts Announcement Scroll.

Cut according to the shape of the scroll to achieve a more genuine looking scroll!

4. Infographic Poster For Wand Motions.

Pretty as a wall decor or printed on cloth as a tapestry!

5. Harry Potter Book Covers!

These are so fun as you can just print them out and fold them onto your stack of books (or old textbooks!)

Click the link here to select and download the Harry Potter book covers.

6. The Wizarding World’s Newspaper (The Daily Prophet)

Print this on an A3 size paper for that real newspaper effect. Or if you only have an A4 you can try printing it on two A4 pieces instead and tape the backside together. Cute as a props for morning coffee/ tea flatlays!

7. Harry Potter Potions Bottle Label.

Print this on sticker papers and paste them on your herbs Bottle to spice things up! (yes pun intended) or you can use them to label your lotions, soap and shampoo! There are endless use for these labels.

**All Harry Potter-inspired designs on this site are unofficial, fan creations.

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