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EARTH DAY: 5 Simple up-cycling DIYs you can do during the weekends.

In the spirit of celebrating earth day, we have curated a list of things you can up-cycle during your weekends. This post is all about exploring exciting new ways to utilise materials and recyclable that you have on hand.

1. Rope Ottoman

Upcycle old tires and turn it into this quick and beautiful ottoman.

2. Match Striker

Upcycle an empty product packaging.

3. Half Moon Magnets

Recycle some scrap wood to make this quirky magnets.

4. Sun Catcher

Recycle some plastic to have this sun catcher. A fun diy project for kids too.

5. Concrete Vases

Using different types of plastic bottles packaging to get different shapes of vases.

Look around your house for things that you can repurpose and turn it into something beautiful and functional. I promise it's a very rewarding process and soon enough it will turn into a habit both good for your wallet and the environment.

Dua Senja team wishes you all happy earth day and a great month ahead!

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