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Free Printable Recipe (A4)

Staying at home has bring a lot of inspiration to start learning new things! Like cooking and baking! So we figure that you might need to jot those ideas down somewhere. Here is a super simple template to keep your recipe organize. A clean and minimal layout with blank pages. Basic, yet effecient!

How to use?

Simply download the picture we've provided and print them on your A4 papers at home.

No fuss no muss! All you need is a printer, an internet connection and the motivation to create beautiful and tasty food! If you don't have a printer, don't fret! There are other ways you can use this template. If you have a large screen (ipad/ laptop/ computer) place your paper on top of the screen, turn off all your lights and crank up your screen brightness to the maximum and treat it as a light box and start tracing the templates! This is a fun hack that you can try to use on many other projects. But that's a discussion for another post.

Remember that you can also be a part of the solution by staying at home. Use this time wisely and keep your spirits up! Dua Senja team wishes you all to be happy and healthy.

Enjoy! If you happen to post or share your recipes online please tag us! We would love to see them!

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