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Grooming Set (Travel kit)

Grooming Set (Travel kit)


This grooming set includes 1 small handheld mirror and a wooden comb. 


We chose wood as our material as it is more gentle on the scalp and doesn’t cause static. They are also known to have therapeutic properties that release tensions and stress in the head. This set is also the perfect size for travel - small and portable. 


We have also collaborated with our friends over at Braow goods to design and produce something extra special - a handcrafted vegetable tanned leather sleeve. This sleeve was beautifully handcrafted in an extensive process. All of the cutting, stitching to burnishing are all done by hand by Braow goods and their amazing team of hearing impaired crafters.

  • Care Instructions

    Comb and Mirror:

    Store in a dry place away from humidity. Do no leave wet after each use. Keep Dry. Polish with beeswax if you wish to keep the wood soft and cared for. 


  • Product Details

    Material: Reclaimed Pine Wood 

    Glaze: Water Base Finish

    Leather Sleeve: Cow Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather



    Mirror: 7cm diameter

    Comb: 7.5cm x 7cm

    Leather Sleeve: 10cm x 8.5cm

    Portable/ Travel size

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