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Minimal Frameless Mirror

Minimal Frameless Mirror


This frameless mirror is refined simplicity at its best. No frills, no frames, no fuss. The beauty of this simple mirror is that you can base your entire decor around it. Add a shelf below it or a cabinet beside it. It’s a lovely room accessory that has timeless appeal. The rectangular shape is accented with smooth corners.Our mirrors can be hanged on or leaned on to walls.

Our mirror's ideal size makes up for easy storage and portability.


Click here for the tutorial on how to hang a frameless mirror.


  • Product Information

    Shape: Rectangle

    Dimensions: 25 x 35 cm 

    Thickness: 5 mm


    Material: Asahi brand mirrors

    Special Features: The superior manufacturing process ensures that AIS Mirror is a high-quality, long-lasting durable mirror that exceeds the most stringent quality and resistance standards.


    • Copper-free coatings : In ordinary mirrors, once the copper coating is oxidized, due to reagents present in the paint, copper oxide diffuses the silver layer, causing brownish stains to appear. This serious defect is eliminated in AIS Mirror as it contains no copper.


    • Environment-friendly : AIS Mirror is environment friendly, as lead-free* protective paints are used in the coatings.


    *Product does not include wall bracket

  • Care instructions

    - Cleaning – Use clean water only. Ammonia based detergents or other strong and reactive products should not be used.


    - Mirror must be dried immediately after cleaning, especially around the edges.


    - Do not use dirty or gritty rags, which can likely scratch the mirror’s surface. Other cleaning materials that can damage your mirrors include emery cloth and scraper so make sure not to use them.


    - Mirror must always be stored vertically on a soft surface, such as wooden boards with spacers, in a dry and well ventilated area, and away from heat and reactive materials such as chemicals, acids, etc.


    - Mirror must never be stored outside in open air.


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