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Serene - Ceramic Mug

Serene - Ceramic Mug


The Serene Mug is inspired by the nature of sand. The way water transform and mould the sand constantly, allowing it to create new and abstract shapes from time to time. We want to expose the charm of raw and unfinished feel through the texture and grain-like speckles of the overall finish of the mug. Concept and design by Dua Senja, brought to life by Geluk Studio.

  • Care Instructions

    Store in a dry place away from humidity. Do no leave wet after each use. Keep Dry. Polish with beeswax if you wish to keep the wood soft and cared for. 

  • Product Details

    Material: Reclaimed Pine Wood 

    Glaze: Water Base Finish



    Mirror: 7cm diameter

    Comb: 7.5cm x 7cm

    Leather Sleeve: 10cm x 8.5cm

    Portable/ Travel size

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