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Terra Mug

Terra Mug

The word "Terra" means earth or land in satin. Also commonly used in terracotta meaning a sort of earthware with a strong brownish-red or brownish-orange color. With that in mind, our Terra mug was born. 

Glazed with 3 different colors to embrace the earthy semblance.

We want to expose the charm of raw and unfinished feel through the texture and grain-like speckles of the overall finish of the mug.

Concept and design by Dua Senja, brought to life by Geluk Studio.
  • Product Information

    Material : High quality stoneware

    Glaze : Moss, brick and light blue

    Firing temperature : 1240C

    8 oz

  • Care instructions

    Hand wash and leave to dry / wipe using dry cloth. 

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