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8 Stretches you can do without leaving your chair (WFH Edition)

Editor: Dua Senja Photos by a fellow Anak Senja: Kartika Lesmana

(Yogi & Certified Pole Instructor)

We tend to lose sight of time when we’re working from home. Here are some helpful stretches you can do without leaving your chair.

Remember to breathe while stretching—don't hold your breath. Stretch both sides to help your range of motion be as equal as possible.

Stretching at work can reduce fatigue by increasing blood supply and nutrients to your muscles, so taking small breaks in between work to do stretches are going to help you in the long run. Make sure to include these stretches in your daily routine.

Founder’s note:

We know that these times might be especially difficult to everyone. That’s why today we are sharing these tips with you, from one Anak Senja to another, so you can keep your mental and physical health in check during this challenging times. Let’s keep being hopeful and do what we can to support the people around us. We wish everyone a fantastic day at home!

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